Premiered November 16th 2012 as part of the HTMlles Festival 10.

"Field Trip" is a body based, FM radio transmission performance made for group explorations of resonant public space.

It is a fun, light hearted, noisy, slightly dance driven, glitchy-electronic show incorporating the smallest cheapest synths, both home made circuits, and manufactured miniature machines worn entirely on the body and transmitted to the public holding radios through the use of a 5 watt radio transmitter.  The antenna is built into Gambletron's helmet.  The idea is to take over public space and perform while traveling through various dynamic locations.

The following photos are from the Festival HTMLle 10. A festival curated by Montreal's Studio XX.

During HTMLle we had about 15 radios in total, traveled underground into the Montreal subway system and were able to broadcast to at least two subway cars full of people.  We were on route to Jen Reimer, Max Stein and Adam Basanta's tunnel performance. Gambletron's outfit was handprinted, designed and hand sewn by Katie Jung.

The HTMLLE's performance is the first in a seres of future performances that will continue to explore fast cheap public art in a mobile manner.

Pictures below. Scroll to the end for a Video.

Pictures by Thein Vo

The following is a video of the performance.