records i have recorded:
2012- Jen Reimer/Max Stien- Live

soundtracks i've composed:
2014- L'hiver Inconsolable by Shayo Detchema

recordings i am on:
2015- Charlyn Yi- Live From Hell- Folktale
2015- Annabelle Chvostek- Be The Media- MQGV
2015- Orkestar Kriminal/ Tummel- Independant
2014- Orkestar Kriminal/ Zontani! L’bin! Levende!- Independant
2014- Carla Bozulich/ Boy- Constellation Records                 
2013- [walnut + locust] 10th anniversary Compilation- [walnut + locust]
2012- LĂ©vitation Compilation- Jeunesse Cosmique
2012- 60x60 Compilation, Canada and Athena Mix60x60
2012- Gambletron-moisturizer - Noisy Kitchen
2011- Greg Holden/ Tony Berg- I don't believe you- independent
2010- Matana Roberts- Coin Coin Chapter 1- Constellation Records
2009- Clues- Endless Forever 7"- Constellation Records
2009- Nive Nielson- Nive Sings!- Tutu Records Greenland
2009- Clues- Self Titled- Constellation records
2009- Evangelista-- Prince of Truth- Constellation Records
2009- Thundrah- Internet Record- independent
2008- Annabelle Chvostek- resilience- MQGV Records
2008- Evangelista- Live at Issue Project NYC June 15 2008- independent
2008- Gambletron- Europe ep 2- independent 
2007- Evangelista- Hello Voyager- Constellation Records
2007- Gambletron- Europe ep 1- independent release
2005- Lake of Stew- Lake of stew
2005- Jordi Rosen -Lotus- Scratch Records
2004- Molasses- Trouble At Jinx Hotel 2004 - Alien 8 Records
2003- A Silver Mount Zion- this is our punk rock thee....- Constellation Records
2002- Jordi Rosen- Madam Xavier- Scratch Records
2000- Queen Size Shag- Mothers of Country metal
1999- Lisa gamble- Two compilations
1999 -Jordi Rosen-Vue #2 montreal compilation
1998- Steve Godin- La Jeune Fille Et La Lune- CBC Radio Canada
1998-Lisa Gamble - Tumbleweed- solo EP
1997- Queen size shag- Bitchy- Independent