Cicuit bending LINKS!!!

Here is a great video explaining circuit bending:

REED GHAZHALA is considered to be the grandfather of circuit bending here is his site:

I have a pal  CASPER ELECTRONICS who is an incredible circuit bender who posts tons of valuable resources:

There is a man D.wright from an electronics project called Not Breathing/ Carry on Sounds- who has a compleat site of his works and a sight I find to be great to hear some of the creations.  It’s  a great place to go for some ideas:

Circuit is a confusing mish mash of chaos but also a great place for some show and tell:

Odd Music: Curcuit bending- This is a blog that gives some basic background information about bending:

Experimentalist anonymous- is an extreemly informitae site that showcases lots of DIY electonic projects and hosts a forum for discussions on these topics:

Peter Blasser is my favorite electronic artist.  He is from Baltamore.  His site is not only inspireing and artfull but he has a lot of schematics for people to carry out some of his own inventions:

This isn't circut bending but i love these electronic projects none the less.