˚˚˚∆˚∆˚∆˚˚˚Gambletron's Upcoming events˚˚˚∆˚∆˚∆˚˚˚

Gambletron and Johnny Nawracaj will be collaborating and performing together at this year's Electric Eclectic Festival August 1,2,3
see this link for more detail and festival information!!  http://www.electric-eclectics.com/

HEre is a recent interview from Montreal's Innovation In Concert series:

GAMBLETRON AND JEN REIMER finished working at RESIDENCY SOUTERRAIN, BERLIN, DE. (part of Sopie-Gips-Hofen Gallery)  Working on a radio oscillation//sound mass performance.  see here for details: http://www.souterrain-berlin.de/aktuell.html

These are both compilations that i am on.

SAWS is by Gambletron//////NOT VARIOUS (((who is various??)))

Gambletron often participates in Berlin's D.I.Y. Church both in person and over skype.  Here is the last
skype Concert i did from the comfort of my kitchen collaborating with numerous other musicians from all over the world who were both present in Berlin and also on skype.  My version of the event was very different from their version of the event..  I'm sure with the latency the results in Berlin were interesting.  I also have a recording i hope to post in the future of what i was hearing on my end.  This is the archive from the Berlin Event: